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First Time Customers Receive $10.00 Off

We invite you to call our head groomer to discuss your kidz needs and our prices.  Prices do vary depending on the weight, breed, hair length, and service desired and we wish to be able to give you the  best price available.

Spoon Full of Sugar and Chim Chim Cheree Packages
Package Supplemental Services

Package Supplemental Services

For all packages, additional services that may be required or requested are extra.  For example, your pet may have matted hair and thus we would have to perform a "dematting" service.

These are the supplemental services offered and their respective prices.   
Dematting   $85.00/hour (minimum 15 minutes)
Flea/Tick Treatment $20.00 (depending on pet weight)
Medicated Bath $20.00
Flea/Tick Bath $20.00
Teeth Brushing $20.00
Furminating $30.00
Hand Stripping $85.00/hour (minimum 15 minutes)

Other Fees

No Show Fee $45.00
Returned Check Charge $50.00
Emergency Appointment $150.00 (plus package fee)


Check or cash are currently the accepted payment and are expected
at the time of service unless other arrangements were made.  We are working on accepting credit/debit cards, but at the moment, we cannot.  All checks should be made out to:             Merry Puppins

(all prices effective 12/6/2007)