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Since we are a mobile grooming business, we do require that you contact us to make a reservation.  Groomings can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours, based on your pet breed and the service package you select. 

To make a reservation, simply call us at (540) 226-6399 (this IS a local phone call for Spotsylvania and surrounding areas).  If we don't answer right away it's probably because we're in the middle of grooming a pet, but, we shall return your call as soon as possible.  So just leave a message.

Also, you may email us at Our state of the art van is equipped with a mobile internet connection and we check our emails constantly.

And lastly, you fill out an online reservation request.

                                    Request an Appointment

During the first reservation discussion, we will discuss your pet and the services we provide.  Please let us know of any circumstances about your pet(s), such as: pre-existing medical conditions, sensitivities, allergies, past grooming experiences.

An appointment will be made for you in our professional appointment system.  We do require a minimum of 24 hours notice if you desire to cancel your appointment with us.  Merry Puppins will also confirm the scheduled appointment the day prior to the appointment.

Merry Puppins will arrive at the appointed time, however, from time to time, we may be delayed due to circumstances beyond our control and when this happens, we will contact you prior to the appointed scheduled time, and advise your of our new estimated time of arrival.  We will not jeopardize the safety or well-being of either our groomers or client's pets by rushing a groom or rushing through traffic.

When we arrive for the scheduled appointment and "no one is home", we will wait for 15 minutes before we consider the appointment cancelled.  A No Show fee may apply, depending on the circumstance(s).

Prior to grooming your pet for the first time, we will require proof of vaccinations for your pet.  For the safety of our groomers, Merry Puppins will not groom any pet who does not have current vaccinations.  We will electronically scan the vaccination certificate and keep it on file for future reference.